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This book has been written by keeping in mind the undergraduate students. The purpose of writing this book is to understand the undergraduate students the basic concepts of Digital Communication from block diagram to the digital modulation techniques.

We have tried here to explain the base of Digital Communication and Digital Signal Processing: Probability & Random Process. We made a conscious effort not to focus too much on the math, but rather on the practical aspects.

There are many books on Digital Communication. However, all of them are meant for post graduate students or PhD student, and they’re full of advanced mathematics. This is in stark contrast with how Digital Communication is being used, as a commodity tool in research and other applications. However, there are few resources out there that fully cover all the important aspects of implementing the communication concepts in practice, without requiring you to take advanced math courses. We hope this book will help people who want to apply Digital Communication Techniques without reading up on years’ worth of calculus, linear algebra, and probability theory.


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