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Meet The Author

The book “Concise Inorganic Chemistry” has been written to cover B.Sc. syllabus of most Indian Universities in simple language and with best illustrated examples. The book also covers most syllabuses of the entrance examinations for post graduation.

The book has been presented in fourteen units.

The first unit of the book covers the quantum approach of the atomic structure solving the entire critical theme in simple language. The second and the third units of the book describe the periodic properties of the elements and its bond formation respectively. In the unit of chemical bonding, all the theories regarding ionic bond, covalent bond and metallic bond have been described with best illustrative examples.

The fourth unit explains the basic concept of nuclear chemistry. The fifth unit concerns the basic concept regarding the hard and soft acids and bases. The sixth unit describes some non-aqueous solvent like ammonia and sulphurdioxide with their advantage, disadvantage and some chemical reactions carried out in these solvents. The units-seven to nine describes some invaluable aspects of s-block, p-block and d-block elements. The 10h unit is special for fluorine.

The 11th and 12th units deeply explain the nomenclature, isomerism, theories, electronic spectra and magnetic properties of the coordination compounds.

The 13th unit embraces the extraction of some transition and non-transition elements. The last 14th unit has been devoted to major problem of the whole world pollution.

The book has many important problems at the appropriate positions, which may be easily solved by studying the text of the book.

The book has been ended with further reading, which suggests the readers to consult the next important books.

I hope this book will become more useful for the students who prepare entrance examinations for post graduate course in different Central Universities and in IIT Institutes.

I will like critical corresponds from you. I will greatly appreciate for assistance from readers in the future.



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