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In the past three decades, parallel processing and distributed computing have evolved as a prominent paradigm in computer science and information technology. This book addresses the latest advances in hardware and software, system architecture, new programming paradigms and eco systems focuses on both speed performance and energy efficiency. These developments facilitate how to create high performance clusters, scalable networks, automated data centers and high-throughput cloud/grid system. It aims to transform traditional multiprocessor and multi-computer clusters into web-scale grids, clouds and P2P networks for ubiquitous use to future internet including large-scale social networks and the Internet of Things that are promising technologies in recent years.

The book includes eight chapters: Chapter 1 and 2 present system models and enabling technologies which covers Clusters, Grid Infrastructures, Peer-toPeer systems and Cloud computing. It also discusses service-oriented architectures, parallel and distributed programming models. Chapter 3 covers virtualization with its implementation levels. In Chapter 4, Service models and design of cloud architecture are explored. Chapter 5 includes public clouds like Google AppEngine, Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure. These cloud systems play a vital role in improving the web services and Internet applications as Computer architects, software engineers, and system designers those who would like to explore the cloud technology to build the future computers and Internet-based systems. Chapter 6 presents parallel and programming paradigms with MapReduce framework. Chapter 7 explores the cloud software environments and Chapter 8 covers Ubiquitous clouds and Internet of Things. The book emphasizes on exploring the ubiquity, agility, efficiency, scalability, availability, and programmability of parallel, distributed and cloud computing systems.


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