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This book is not a mere guide that could be used in higher secondary classes but something that would enhance curiosity, reasoning and problem solving skills among students. This in turn would create a conducive environment for those students who aim at cracking various entrance examinations. The first and primary objective of the “B JOHN’S SMART PHYSICS” is to open up the new world of electrostatic charges and fields to students in a simple and comprehensible manner. In order to achieve this goal, I have tried to use terminology that would mostly be familiar to the students and explain all unfamiliar terms that they would come across later on in this world of physics. In order to enhance the understanding of the fundamental idea, teaching and learning process, the adoption of simple schematic representations, explanations, examples and problems could be seen in this book to make it more interesting. When explored I was not able to come across a book that comprehensively utilizes these four techniques to make the world of physics much simpler and much more fascinating. Hence I present B JOHN’S SMART PHYSICS; a culmination of these methods.




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