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Meet The Author

Responsible Tourism is one of its kind of rare books solely dedicated to acting responsibly for good tourism. While I was planning to write this book, there were many avenues to cover up about tourism, because tourism itself is a huge and global phenomenon which is difficult to put up in any book. While looking at various reports, reference books, online study material, articles, and many other works of literature, I found Responsible Tourism is much needed at this hour of crisis, amid Covid situations.

Secondly, we all talk about sustainability in a variety of mediums but to achieve sustainability we need people to be responsible. Prof. Dr. Harold Good has done commendable work on responsible tourism, that’s guided the author to look into a more comprehensive manner towards responsible tourism. The author also refers to the UNWTO, WTM, WTTC, PATA websites and the reports for the book. At the same time, the government of India and the Government of Maharashtra reports and drafts on sustainable tourism also supported and helped to understand responsible tourism.

That’s where the importance of becoming responsible towards tourism is the primary objective and focuses on sustainability. This book is particularly focused on awareness and awakening about the need and importance, the role of all the stakeholders, and the responsible practices followed to make sustainable tourism. There is a lot more research work that needs to be undertaken and scope to look into this subject & study. The knowledge supplied in this book will be of lasting value to the reader. I have attempted to refer to the national and international author work as mentioned in the reference list. But it is observed that very little work is done on this topic of study. I feel many other researchers and scholars will look into responsible tourism study and support the tourism industry in becoming sustainable.

I am sure that tourism academics and the tourism fraternity will find this book suitable and helpful in understanding responsible tourism and its importance in the tourism industry.

I am looking forward to doing more research on this topic furthermore to bring forward more knowledge and practices on Responsible Tourism. I thank all the contributors to this book. I hope this book will help in understanding Responsible Tourism in life.



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