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Food is a very integral part of our life. Ayurveda is a simple, practical science of life whose principles are universally applicable to each individual’s daily existence. Ayurveda speaks to every element and facet of human life, offering guidance that has been tested and refined over many centuries to all those who seek greater harmony, peace and longevity. The author has attempted to connect food and Ayurveda for a better life. Although the Ayurveda had mentioned the food details for the balance of life. The author has brought forward a few guidelines which are essential to keep ourselves healthy and long life.  It also deals with the day to day food habits which directly impacts our body and is intimate to many bodily diseases, if we try to follow the basics of food and Ayurveda suggestion in our daily life, it does help in longevity and free from all ailments. The author suggested some menu combinations, food to avoid the season and time, guidelines to Ayurveda cooking and cuisine. Although it is basic information about food and Ayurveda. There is a lot more scope to look into this subject & study. The knowledge supplied in this book will be of lasting value to the reader. I am sure that people will find this book helpful in keeping their good health.

I am looking forward to doing more research in this topic furthermore to bring forward more knowledge of Ayurveda and Food correlation. I thank you all the readers, I hope it will help you in your healthy life.


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