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Ecology is the branch of biological science dealing with the organism and their interaction with the environment or other organism. The levels of Ecology may include organism, population, community, biome and biosphere. An ecologist’s primary goal is to improve their understanding of life processes, adaptations and habitats, interactions and biodiversity of organisms. An ecologist principal goal is to improve their understanding of the life process. Ecology helps us to understand how our activities are correlated to the environment and it also shows the extent of damage we cause to the environment. Lack of understanding of ecology has led to the degradation of land and the environment. It has also led to the extinction and endangerment of certain species. Ecology has close relationship with other science such as Biogeography, Evolutionary Biology, Microbiology, Genetics, Ethology and Natural History. Along with other important aspects ecology also includes the study of abundance, biomass, and distribution of organisms in the context of the environment, life processes, adaptations, successional development, interaction among the organisms, biological diversity pattern and its effect on environment development, conservation of nature and natural resources and their managements.

Unfortunately, inspite of its obvious importance ecology has largely been a less explored field of biological science in India and ecologist have long drawn a measure to contempt from other biologists, who consider ecological more as a rather imprecise area of research. The role of ecologist has been misunderstood and many biologist, who are not directly involved hardly have any concept of the severity involved in the proper execution of ecology. This widespread downturn in ecological research is largely due to the lack of adequately trained ecologist, failure in revival of interest in the subject in the present generation, lack of adequate literature and text books cater to the needs of the students and researchers working in this field.

This book is an attempt to stem down this downtrend in ecology by including almost all the important aspects of ecological science and their short descriptions related to ecology so that in one book readers may got a preliminary idea of ecological science. This book may be useful for students, researchers and academician as it comprises critical informations and avail fresh perspective.


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