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An Analog Electronics is a very important part in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The study of Analog Electronic has a tremendous significance in the modern world as it describes the basic concept of AC to DC conversion and characteristics of basic components like diode, transistors and MOSFETs etc. .
This primary aim of this book is to be used by graduates and undergraduate students as there textbooks and as a reference for practicing engineering. The contents of the book are written in very simple language. The matters have been collected in bits and pieces from many good books and are an assimilation of everyday lecture and notes prepared for the students of Birla Institute of Technology. It is designed in such a manner so that it could be opted for electrical and electronic engineering courses offered by universities, technical institutes, AMIE, IETE examinations.
The book comprises of 7 Chapter, first Chapter deals with the fundamental concepts which are semiconductors and diodes. This chapter provides a very elaborative understanding of the topic. Second chapter includes the study of P-N junction diode. Third chapter analyses working of rectifiers, filters, and regulators circuits. Fourth Classify and analysis of Amplifier, Fifth and sixth
small signal development of FET and MOSFET seventh illustrate OPAMP circuits and applications in elaborative form and students could grasp the concept thoroughly. With the use of easy text and relevant examples the book provides reader to there reader a simplified and systematic understanding of theoretical difficult concepts of Analog electronics. Moreover in the last page of each chapter in the book a list of analytical questions has been proposed along with their answers to help the reader for enhanced understanding the each topic.


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