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In the practice of dentistry, the probability of life threatening emergencies occurrence is quite natural although infrequent. It can happen to anyone a patient, a doctor, a member of the office staff or a person who is merely accompanying a patient. The occurrence of life threatening emergencies in dental office could be associated with many factors which increase the likelihood of such incidents, including increasing number of old persons seeking dental care, therapeutic advances in the medical profession, growing trend towards longer dental appointments and increasing use and administration of drugs in dentistry.

Every dental practitioner needs a knowledge of the diagnosis and management of medical emergencies. Medical emergencies in dental practice could occur at any time. It is important, however, that dental practitioners are proficient in recognizing them and carrying out initial management of such emergencies. Filled with clinical examples and step-by-step procedures, our book “medical emergencies and its management in dentistry” covers the full range of medical emergencies which may occur during a dental procedure, the various dental emergencies which range from common and complex traumatic injuries to associated pain and oral lesions.

From clinical examination and assessment of potential complications to key considerations in pain management, acute oral medical and surgical conditions, restorative emergencies, and basic life support training and beyond, you get a comprehensive reference that:
• Distills essential information on medical emergencies during dental practice
• Offers succinct, practical instruction for immediate treatment
• Mentions about the emergency drugs necessary to keep in dental office
• Highlights conditions for referral
and much more!

A large number of clinical photographs have been provided to make the subject more understandable. In addition, a lot of diagrammatic boxes with salient points have been mentioned for a quick review of each topic. We have tried to make sure that the facts in the book are as accurate as possible, taking help from specialists from various fields while writing or review of the relevant sections.
As it is rightfully said that a textbook lives through its readership. Despite the best of our efforts, some misprints, or factual errors might have been unnoticed. We shall be grateful to the readers for giving us suggestions for improvement and pointing out mistakes that can be corrected in future.



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