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The ongoing pandemic COVID-19 caught the world by surprise and in a matter of a few months; this virus has affected almost every aspect of human life as we know it. COVID-19 outbreak with a high burden of morbidity and mortality over a wide geographical area is causing unprecedented economic, social and political disruption. It has lead to entire countries getting locked down, travel being closed, people getting confined to homes, sectors like hospitality facing existential issues and millions of people being rendered unemployed. Scientists are busy researching a cure/ vaccine, businesses are finding new ways to cope, and education has shifted to the online mode, while governments are finding ways to save human lives and livelihoods. This book covers a wide range of recent developments concerning COVID-19 and includes discussions on pharmacology, medical sciences, biological sciences and biotechnology. It also explores the impact of the novel coronavirus on people, society, environment, law, education, various industries like hospitality, tourism and shipping.

No living generation of present times has seen a pandemic of this enormity, and thus the situation calls for unique solutions in each area. Hence, this work is an attempt to bring together academicians and practitioners of various disciplines to present a well-rounded, interdisciplinary view of the crisis. This compilation presents perspectives, challenges and offers solutions for dealing with situations evolving in various areas.

This book will help readers gain useful insight and assist in assessing the impact of COVID- 19 on healthcare, economy, pharmaceuticals, engineering, hospitality, shipping, and other industries. It will be useful to students, teachers and others in keeping updated on issues pertaining to COVID-19. This edited volume shall be helpful for students of Medical Sciences, Pharmacy, Microbiology, Zoology, Environmental Sciences, Management, Engineering, Hospitality and other similar disciplines. The book will serve as an excellent reference for students at the graduate and post-graduate level. Additionally, it will interest research scholars, faculty, policymakers, NGOs, researchers and development practitioners across the globe for its distinctive features.


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