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Chemical kinetics is the study of how fast or slow chemical reactions occur. Rate of a chemical reaction is change in the concentration of reactants or products over a time period. It relates the rate of formation of products and the rate of disappearance of reactants in a given balanced chemical equation for the reaction. It explains how the activation energy affects the rates of chemical reaction. Use of Arrhenius Equation for the temperature dependence of rate of a chemical reaction and prediction of  a rate law for a reaction having multistep mechanism given the individual steps in the mechanism are incorporated in the book. Chemical Kinetics is a core topic in all undergraduate chemistry courses. In this book, I have intended that it should provide a complete coverage of chemical kinetics, which is necessary for the various future users in the fields of Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Materials Science, ad Chemical Engineering. The book explores the various factors that affect the rate of a chemical reaction. I hope the present book shall provide such knowledge of Chemical kinetics as is required by the average serious student of chemistry.While writing the book, I have endeavored to express the matter in a simplified and lucid manner. I believe that this book will be very useful for the under graduate and post graduate students.




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