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Meet The Author

Dear Students, Course Teachers, Lab Instructors

I am extremely happy to come out with this book on “A reference text book of Web design & Internet Applications.” for B.Tech (Agricultural Engineering & Technology). The book written and simplify design, understanding for beginners in programming. This book written specially on ICAR new syllabus, as per Fifth Dean’s Committee. The book comprise from different Agricultural Engineering Departments i.e. Agriculture Process Engineering, Electrical & Other Energy Sources, Farm Power & Machinery, Farm Structure, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering and Soil and Water Conservation Engineering etc. A special chapter of the projects for these departments is included in the book. It will very useful for the students of Agriculture Engineering the future scope in Information Technology industry.

Main objectives of this book

  1. To familiarize the logic of structured programming approach. To provide exposure in developing flowchart and thereby writing efficient codes for user defined
  2. Illustrate the concept of data types, variables and operators using html. Design and Implement control statements and looping constructs in programming
  3. Apply function concept on problem statements. Demonstrate the use of arrays, strings, structures and files handling in Demonstrate the dynamics of memory by the use of pointers to construct various data
  4. To understanding the Web Designing.
  5. project source code in Html language of Agricultural Engineering & Technology different

In addition to learning how to code usable and accessible web sites, I will also be sharing lots of tips and techniques that professional web designers use when creating new sites. These techniques make it easier for anyone to lay out pages in a more attractive way. You will even learn about creating sites that work on devices such as mobile phones and game consoles, which are increasingly being used to access the Web. You will probably be relieved to know that many of the browsers on such devices employ the same languages that you will be learning in this book — and that by learning to use XHTML with CSS you will be able to create web sites that work on a variety of platforms, and will therefore last much longer than those written in older versions of HTML.

While it is important to learn the latest practices for creating web pages using these languages, if you intend to create web sites that anyone can access, you will also have to learn some older aspects of the languages you meet. This is important because not everyone has the latest web browser installed on his or her computer; as a result, the latest features may not work for everyone, and in such cases you need to learn techniques that will work in some older browsers that are still popular today. In order to make sure pages work in older browsers, you will see several occasions throughout the book where certain features of a language are marked as deprecated ; this means that while this feature should still work in modern browsers, you are being warned that software might not support it much longer.

The Main goal of this book is help the new beginners to understand C Programming and it is especially for aspirant B.Tech students as per the new ICAR syllabus.


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