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The purpose of this book is to present works at the forefront of studies that cover both the theoretical and practical elements of this significant industry.

Ship breaking has received little scholarly attention up to this point, even though it raises several important questions about sustainable development. Recycling the resources used to construct massive ships capable of crossing oceans is a good idea. However, when these ships are exported from the industrialized world to be broken up in some of the nations, like India, Pakistan, Turkey, and Bangladesh, the process raises fundamental problems with environmental justice in the global north and south.

These problems become even more pronounced when the work in question is carried out in backyards and on beaches in developing countries with minimal if any, undamental safety precautions for the workers and without protection for the environment from the toxic and dangerous substances that may be released as a result of the process.

In view of all of this, the author is certain that the timely publication of this book will serve as a well-informed and significant stimulant for forward movement on this essential agenda.


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