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Meet The Author

This book is about the Energy sources we can alter for Renewable Energy Sources. Energy demand cannot continue indefinitely at its current growth rate using only fossil fuels. For industrial progress and global prosperity, energy is a crucial component. Scientists and engineers are under pressure to find alternative energy sources that can meet the demand for the foreseeable and apocalyptic futures due to the realization of the finite nature of fossil fuel resources. The importance of continuous, readily available, renewable, and pollution-free resources has been acknowledged. A comprehension of these sources is the focus of this book. B Tech and M Tech students should learn about Renewable Energy Systems and Design. Resources for the solar, wind, geothermal, and biogas industries are the main emphasis of this research guide on the production and distribution of renewable energy. It also discusses resources for the electric power industry.

This book is written for the benefit of Engineering Students, Researchers, and Academicians across the globe as per their curriculum. Here, an attempt has been made to generate a textbook and reference which could be interesting in renewable energy systems. Comments and suggestions from the designers, professors, and students prompted me to implement several changes and correct errors. I am deeply grateful to those who helped me further improve this edition. I owe a debt of gratitude and many thanks to Dr R D Patidar – Vice Chancellor of OP Jindal University, Raigarh, for encouraging me to completion of this book. I want to honour my Co-authors, DrDasam Srinivas – Associate Professor, Mattu University-Ethiopia;DrM Sharanya – Professor, Malla Reddy College of Engineering and Technology; and Dr M Pala Prasada Reddy – Associate Professor, and Institute of Aeronautical Engineering for their valuable contribution in this book. The simplicity of description and an intuitive approach was the key requirements we set for ourselves while working on the manuscript. Our true goal was not to pile up a collection of information but rather to entice the reader into a creative process.

We express our profound thanks to those who helped make this book a reality. Any suggestions for improving the book will be acknowledged and well appreciated.


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