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Tectonic shifts in business and society occur when unexpected events force wide spread global experimentation around a new idea. COVID-19 has distorted substantially, the way we live. It is clearly a sign of changing times. The pandemic has brought inordinate changes across several sectors and has transformed many aspects of life. Management Education is one of them.

In no time, the traditional chalk-talk teaching model has been replaced by technology driven online learning. Business Schools across the globe are now relying on robust technical infrastructure with a large catalogue of digital content. Acceleration of pedagogical innovations for serving diverse online communities and exploring the use of immersive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence(AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are some of the areas that has ushered digital transformation, greater access, global reach, personalized instruction and better learning outcomes. Amidst the pandemic, the Government of India has taken a long awaited landmark decision on New Education Policy 2020. Thrust is now on completely revamping the education system and implementing the new policy initiative that envisages and ensures a bright future for the leaders of tomorrow and paves a way for vibrant, accessible, equitable, affordable and quality education. The policy is futuristic, focusing on holistic development and nurturing unique talents.

This edited volume titled, “Rediscovering Management Education for the Pandemic World: The Road Map Ahead”, brings together the research papers submitted on different sub themes of the 32nd AIMS Annual Management Education Convention held during 27th to 29th August, 2021 in virtual mode.

As Management education is an important branch of higher education that has impacted India’s economic growth, reorienting Management Education through Pandemic and in light of New Education Policy is the need of the hour. It has proven to be very successful in providing the much needed qualified and skilled managerial manpower. Thus, revitalizing management education from design thinking to actionable insights having technology as a Game Changer is considered as one of the important dimensions for achieving excellence in management education.

Since its recognition in 1950s, management education has come a long way in India. Time has come to recalibrate the Key Indicators of accreditation for global bench marking and embracing New Normal. Government policy giving push for growth of management education has been a key factor in its development. However, revolutionizing industry and multiple stakeholders’ collaboration can only shift our focus from destination to continuous journey. It is also well-known that the country’s economic growth is under-pinned by availability of high quality of undergraduates. We should strive to achieve greater heights in this area by reassessing governance, ethics and institution building in this New Age.

This e-book has focused on the aforesaid dimensions, that will not only help in proper understanding of the Post Pandemic New Normal, Digitalization and rapidly changing economic scenario, but will also be instrumental in devising strategies to cope with it. The Deans, Directors, Faculty members and Students of Business Schools, Administrators, Corporate Heads, and Policymakers will find key insights that can help them preparing a concrete road map to take Indian management education forward.



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