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Python is very popular and demanded computer programming language by the IT professionals, students and beginners who want to learn Python language from level 0. Right now Python language is No 1 computer programming language and is providing facility and many features to develop simple to complicated cloud computing, IoT, Blockchain based many more applications. Python is widely used in game development, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Python is a general-purpose interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, and high-level programming language which is very simple to learn, simple to write and simple to manipulate programming language for everyone.

In this book, Learn Python In 21 Days, author is providing Python concepts in very simple manner so that user from IT background (IT student/IT professional) or even Non IT user who even don’t have any idea of software programming or coding can learn Python language easily. This book gives an idea to you to learn concepts of Python and make able to you to write python code easily. We have designed this book to keep the level of all types of students in mind either they are from XI-XII standard or from IT professional courses like BCA, BSc CS, BSc IT, BTech, MCA students. This book will provide you complete knowledge of Python from basics to OOPs concepts. The content of book is written in very simple and easy to understand language which anyone can understand it easily.

At the last of this book, we have given you lots of Python programs which will definitely help you to grow your programming concepts and programming skills. We hope you will definitely like this book and it will help you to learn Python language in easy and simple way.


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