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978-93-5747-318-7 HARD COVER FIRST EDITION ,

This book is based on the working experience of the author in his 20 years of career and enriched experience in Infrastructure, Automotive & Industrial manufacturing, Energy, Supply chain and Service organizations in India and abroad in various domain including, product development, capacity planning projects, maintenance engineering projects ,stor e management projects, supply chain Projects and quality improvement projects, before compiling this experience the author feels that while market is flooded with many books on project management and various guidelines has been issued from time to time by many authors to promote and to create the framework of project management including Standards of highest orders like PMP, (Project Management Professional) in the book PM Book, the actual way the project is being executed is captured by few authors and in this book the author share his experience to the budding managers who wants to get into Project Organization.

This book will be ready reckoner for Students, Managers and Management Professionals who are engaged in planning, managing and executing projects.

The objective of this book is to develop managerial leadership across diversified organizations. It equips to understand workplace dynamics and working environment enabling them to successfully lead the organizations. The second objective is to build a vibrant culture and performing organizations. Finally, the book intends to create outstanding managers with a strong focus on business ethics and turnaround performance. The Caselet incidents are real situations faced by people across designation, hierarchy, and diversified sectors.

I am very much thankful to the God for the strength and wisdom to complete this book, I am grateful to encouragement and support provide by Prof. Manish R. Mundada, Founder President (SBES, IIMS), Dr. Lokesh Arora, Dr. Samrat Ray, Dr. Roop Kishore Singhal, Dr. Tripti Sahu, Dr. Vijay Nimbalkar, Dr. Laxmidhar Biswal, Dr. Nitin Ranjan, Prof. Nishant Ranjan, Dr. Abhay Mishra, Dr Shekhar Verma, Dr. Anil Varma, Prof. Kapil Kapadiya, Dr. Sangeeta Rajput, Prof. Yashasvini Varde, Prof. Ekta Joshi of IIMS Pune, Dr. Narsimha Rao, Prof. Jyoti Tilak, Prof. Col Ram Gopal, Dr. Manisha Saxena, Dr. Neha Parashar, Dr. Saumya Mishra, Dr. Pradeep Sadar Patil, Prof. Soumitra Samaddar, Prof. Arun Kumar Dutta, Prof. Sankar Das, Prof Arun Prasad, Dr. Bidhan Datta, Prof. Anupama T, Dr. Pallvi Vadehra, Prof. Pallavi Murdeshwar, Prof. Rajaram Krishnaswami, Dr. K. Deepa, Dr. Shirish Jeble, Dr. Shraddha Gupta of IBS Pune, Maharashtra for motivating me to write this Caselet book.

This book is dedicated to my entire family members, My Father Hareshwar Pathak, Mother Shiv Kumari Pathak, Wife Anamika Pathak, daughter Ms. Ananya Pathak and Son Virat Pathak and all my brothers Surendra Pathak, Rajesh Pathak, Mithilesh Pathak, Dhananjay Pathak, Rajneesh Pathak, Sister Ms. Abha Pathak, and their families for constant love support and encouragement. Thanks to my In-laws for their blessings and best wishes for this book.


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