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We are happy to publish this book on Sales Management. The critical role of communication cannot be understated, especially in an organization. The only reason a company is in existence is because of the sales feature. This means that monitoring revenue in a company is an incredibly important job. In order to achieve their organization’s objectives, a sales manager must inspire the salespeople to participate in marketing practices in a way that is beneficial to the company.

During the industrial revolution, sales habits changed drastically, and as a result, modern sales and marketing techniques evolved. With the creation of companies, mass manufacturing of products was widely developed, as was the construction of sales offices and showrooms. As railroads, postal systems, and telegraphs advanced the process of selling globally changed rapidly. Significant changes have occurred in the selling landscape over the years, resulting in corresponding adjustments in the sales function.

The features of the sales function that have played a significant role in influencing the trends in sales include shorter product life cycles, long and complex sales cycles, decreased consumer loyalty, intense rivalry among manufacturing firms, increasing customer demands, growing buyer expertise, and the entry of women into the sales force. In addition to modern developments in technology, the sales department will continue to adapt and expand as the century progresses.

The selling feature helps companies achieve their business goals, but it performs a wide variety of additional tasks as well, along with consumer awareness and strengthening relationships with individuals, such as consumers, suppliers, distributors, and employees. Negotiating for profits is also a vital activity. Without adequate support from other departments, the sales team would be unable to be as effective as they would like. Every member of the sales team plays a role in the entire team’s success and each member’s success is also contingent on the rest of the team.

We are sure that the contents of this book definitely will help the researchers into their researches. We request the readers to give their valuable suggestions and constructive comments to improve upon more to this book.


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