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Meet The Author

The book tries to give a perspective for true change that can be used on a daily basis for references in our normal livelihood. It has five units and includes more topics to improve the personality of the individual. The author has noted how the individuals’ personality influenced by the surrounding factors. It covers the different types of personality. The author suggests the ways to develop one’s personality and the values for your good life. It simply helps you to build your personality.

The author intended to helps to analyse about their self and clarify our own identity. It focuses on how an individual can identify about their self and the ways to develop their self. It teaches how to develop concentration, attitude, controlling emotions, explain why and how to set a goal. The author suggests some synergistic habits to develop a good interpersonal relationship with others. These habits will help you in making good interpersonal relationship with others. These habits will help you become professionally as well as personally more effective.

The author states some other aspects of personality development such as problem solving and decision-making skills, leadership qualities, character building, team work, conflict and stress management, time management and work ethics. This book will be a guide to help in identifying the important social graces an individual has to be followed.

This book is both instructive and provocative enough that it makes the reader feel the sense of urgency to change their personality for the better. It also focuses on how you can you can identify and build on your professional habits and that is what will differentiate you from an average person.


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