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Meet The Author

After seeing so many people who have graduated in university having degrees and good certificates yet still, they’re finding it hard to discover what to do in their lives, i realized there is something missing here. Looked around creation and saw something very interesting; nothing that is here was created for no reason. Everything that i saw had a specific purpose and was fulfilling its purpose. I also looked to see if i can find the source of value for each and everything and realized that there is one common thing, everything is created with its own value inside itself and by fulfilling its purpose it becomes far much more valuable to all other things around it. I also saw that abilities of each and everything complement its purpose that is purpose determines abilities while also abilities determining purpose. Many people want to discover their source of value in this world, they want to know what it is that will make them valuable on this earth yet they are searching for their answers outside of themselves. Many students are studying very hard and come out with very good results yet they are not becoming effective in the world, they are not experiencing the success they desire because they are expecting something outside of themselves to make them successful in life. I looked and saw that knowledge is very important but having much knowledge and not knowing how to use that knowledge is as the same as not having any knowledge at all. In this book i help you see that knowing your inherent abilities is the key to your success and knowledge refine you to become the best version of yourself. In this book i mainly focus on bringing the individual’s attention to himself/herself and help you discover that unique thing about yourself, help you discover your own place of function and see how the use of your abilities will help you to become the person you are meant to be. I searched in all successful people and also found out one common thing, what makes them successful is what they already have inside them and also saw that what they know about themselves makes them very effective in what they do . This book will make you focus mostly on yourself and see how you can discover your Inherent value by studying mostly what you already have inside you. You are born with all the key abilities to make you become a valuable person in this world, in this book you will go you through the key principles that will help you discover the truth about yourself and lead you to becoming one most successful person in your own place of function. You are the key to your own success; knowledge alone without knowing what makes you unique will not help much.

Note: The keys in this book are not meant to tell you what to do but to help open up your eyes and see that it’s possible for you to become successful like others.


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