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Meet The Author

This book enables the learners to identify the desirable behavior in an inherent way to come up with excellence for the benefit of others.  The author states that values are precious give meaning and strength to a person’s personality, character, behavior. Education is the main agency for individual transformation and social change. The kind of education we provide to them will have bearing on the values foundation of the society.

This book contains five units. In each unit the author presented a simple content and easy to understand manner and give more importance to need of education, imports social, moral, human rights, marginalized people, social issues, communal harmony, media education and values and ethics.

The main objectives of this book is the individual wants to get full development personality in its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects and to develop democratic way of thinking and living. Then the book enhances human life with knowledge and values. It provides values and virtues to have a perfect life. It explains the moral awareness and character of a person.


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