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Performance Management is designed to meet the scope and requirements of the course on management. This book is of specially written for students of Commerce and Management both UG and PG level. The variables includes in this book which will affect how, when, where, and why managers perform their jobs. The techniques used by successful managers at a variety of organizational levels to achieve and exceed objectives effectively and efficiently throughout their careers are explained here. Commerce and Management is a broad business discipline, and the Performance Management course covers many management areas such as human resource management and strategic management, as well behavioural areas.

Today performance management is considered the most crucial developmental function, an organization can sustain in the long run. Performance management systems provide essential inputs of an organization to take crucial HR decisions, and also help organizations to align their business goals with the performance of the workers. Performance management systems and strategies have now become important for management students and HR professionals. The objective of this book is to develop skills and competencies of HR students and professionals to understand the nitty-gritty of performance management.

We provide a perspective on the Performance management that is relevant for the decisions students will make as they move into the types of decisions relevant in the competitive job market. Starting with the opening chapter, we incorporate an active management performance to show how the performances are essential to personal and organizational effectiveness and effective organizational change. We have taken a structured approach in the writing of the chapters that reduces inconsistencies throughout and makes selecting topics to match the course syllabus easier for faculty.

This book will provide the students and professionals with an insight into all these:

Chapter 1 deals with the Performance Evaluation and Management, Components of Performance Management System, Theories of Performance Management and implications for Human Resource Development professionals.

Chapter 2 introduces the concept of Performance Management Process, definition, its content, linkage of performance management to other HR process, Performance Management Review and Evolution of Performance Management Process.

Chapter 3 discusses Performance Appraisal, importance and objectives, types and methods of performance appraisal, role of appraisals in performance management, performance appraisal design and diagnosis of poor performance.

Chapter 4 elaborates with learning Organisations and Virtual Teams, Team building process, Principles of team performance management, methodology of team performance management, approaches to change team behaviour, different stages of team work and team building exercises.

Chapter 5 talks about Performance Management and Development Issues, Performance Coaching, Performance Development Planning & Individual Development through Performance Management, Performance Improvement Programs and their implications for Organisations, The Performance Improvement Plans/Programs (PIP) Process and the Roles of the Stakeholders.


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