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This book is about engineering. Inventions such as geothermal energy extraction without reservoirs for energy demands.

Electric vehicle to stop global warming and climate change by single phase overhead lines Compressed air ship due to exhaustion of gasoline.

Technologies in this book provide solutions for Exhaustion of coal cement plastics chemicals uranium battery hydrogen fuel cell ammonia etc.

Inventions are to stop global warming and climate change and pollution and storms and deforestation.

Saturation of renewable energy biomass ocean thermal hydro wave wind tidal solar and geothermal geysers and abandoned buried oil and gas reservoirs for geothermal energy and hydrogen fuel cell leads to this invention of geothermal energy extraction method.

In non renewable energy resources nuclear power gasoline coal amounts to 25 Terra watt hour of electricity. Once this huge and major portion of energy is exhausted in a decade there will be demand for electricity.


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