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Informal workers are a complex social and economic phenomenon. It is a multidimensional problem and connected by various socio-economic Factors viz poverty, caste, tradition, size of the family, income, labour paying wage, education, skills, wage rates, illiteracy, ignorance, absence of schooling Facilities, migration, neighbourhood effect etc informal workers has assumed Serious proportions on global regional and national level. Measured in absolute Terms in India has the highest 93 of informal workforce. State wise Karnataka there is a need for consolidation of writing laws relating to provide facilities like Formal workers and regulations of employment of informal workforce. Difficulty In exercising rights, vulnerable low paid and undervalued jobs and long working Hours, low wage and difficult working condition. This book also focused to analyse Nature of inadequate social security regulation for informal workers and its child and forced labour and discrimination on various factor.


  1. A theoretical framework on informal workers.
  2. Nature of migrations of Informal construction workers.
  3. Conceptual and Legal dimensions of Informal workers.
  4. Problems and prospects of Informal workforce in India.
  5. Women construction workers problems.
  6. ILO and informal workers and regulations.
  7. Women construction workers problems.
  8. 1996 construction workers act in India.


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