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Existing educational policy of India which was made in 1986. This policy brings a big positive change in the education of India. It is a framework for elementary education till higher education which includes vocational training in both urban and rural areas. The main aim of launching the National Education Policy 2022 is to remodel India’s education policy. Under this new national education policy, nobody is forced to take any particular language. Now the students can choose the language according to their interests. The National Education Policy will universalize education from preschool to Secondary

Previously the pattern of 10 + 2 was followed which has now changed to 5 + 3 + 3 + 4. New Education Policy is also going to take place by bringing changes in Higher Education across India. Various discussions have been done for bringing some modifications to the Higher Education Sector. Active participation of each relevant official is required for bringing change in the education sector. This change is going to take place after considering various revisions, comments and suggestions of the stakeholders.

There are many such things in the national Education policy like Mother tongue or regional language will be used as a medium of instruction for teaching the students, Counselling will be given to the parents for the early childhood care, Skill based Qualitative education will be provided to the students, the adoption of modern technology, Invention, education will reach to a higher one. After studying analytical based subjects, students will be able to think critically and logically after participating in the discussion session organized by the school authorities. Children with special needs will be given the same facilities as the normal student’s access, Promotion will be based on the merit-based test. Qualitative opportunities in the field of higher education will be provided to the individuals. After the set-up of Digital Library, students will be able to access digital forms of books online, Inclusion Of NCC Course With the revamp and formulation of the New Education Policy, the Union Government or Central Government is going to include the NCC course as an optional subject in all relevant universities.


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