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Meet The Author

This book is my dream venture keeping in mind all Music lovers who do not know to read and write Kannada but are keen to learn and sing Dasa Sahitya – Devarnama.

Dasa Sahithya Project was initiated by TTD Tirumala Devasthanam & SRS Matt Mantralaya to instill the values of Bhakti, Dharma, Culture in the minds of younger generation.

In this book sincere efforts have been done to include the Haridasa Lineage & information on famous Saints Purandhara Dasa, Vijaya Dasa & Jagannatha Dasa and complied 108 Kannada Bhajans as per Taratamya .

There are many Senior Classical Singers / Artists / Musicians who have done Research in Dasa Sahithya and taken efforts to make the Kannada Bhajans reach common man.

Looking into the current scenario, the younger techno savvy generation are adapted to ENGLISH & DIGITAL LEARNING right since schooling days.

I have tried my best to transliterate Kannada Bhajans for Music Learners / Students

I sincerely hope that music students and admirers of devotional devarnama would get good benefit out of this English version of KANNADA BHAJANS book.


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