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The Eyes of Humanity written by Md Zabed and Sahana Roy is an informative, comprehensive and conceptually awesome framework of analysis has been presented in this book with core ideas of M.K.Gandhi and Martin Luther King (Jr) in their contemporary periods of political philosophy in a rare blend of deep insight and writing as elegant as the theories it explains. The writers peel away the layers of all possible structures and functional algorithms surrounding the two heavyweights in their personal perspective. I appreciate it as compulsively readable.

The Eyes of Humanity: Martin Luther King Jr and M.K. Gandhi made tremendous contribution to the freedom struggle for India while Martin Luther King Jr is acknowledged as a towering personality who successfully launched non-violent struggle against racial discrimination in the united states. Time magazine declared king as a child of Gandhi.
Md Zabed and Sahana Roy, both of them have tried to mould it as a book, which is highly commendable. This book is informative, reconstructive and worth reading, beneficial for students too. I appreciate their efforts and I wish both of them to be very successful in future.


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