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Meet The Author

We, as parents, are cautious and sometimes fussy for our children. We want to raise our children to be the best people on this earth. Have you realized, in this race of becoming the best parents, we forget to peek into our child’s heart? Are our children perceiving the same as we want to teach? How does one understand what the child expects?

In this book, I have tried to explain parenting from our children’s point of view and help you find answers to some questions like – How do they think of us? Why do they behave in a certain way? What do they believe? What emotions could come and go in their hearts?

I am Manjusha Malhotra, a success mindset coach, and an NLP practitioner. I have dealt with hundreds of moms and seen their parenting patterns during my career. I have also closely worked with kids from age groups of 3 years to teenagers. I have watched their behavior and emotional patterns. As an area of my interest, I have figured out the reasons behind their behavior patterns from the conversations I had with them. As a coach, I can tell you whether your child would become a superhuman being or just a survivor in the competitive human race. Everything depends on the life values that they gather subconsciously from their surroundings and the surrounding people. In this book, I have tried to share some ideas on how you can be a super-parent to your super-child by just understanding your child’s heart through simple day-to-day communication with your child and your attitude towards them.

The book is for parents with kids in their growth years from 3 to 12 years. This book facilitates you to recognize the psychic evolution of your child during his/her initial years of life. Through some short stories, I have tried to connect with your concerns as parents. Let’s explore the thought process of our kids through this book. How the children portray the world they see, perceive their surroundings, and understand their communication with their dear ones – everything adds up to their psychological development. It is about how the growth years play such a vital role in his life ahead. The successes and the failures; the happiness and the agony; all have their roots lying in the growth years of their life. I hope you find this book helpful in adding some more happiness to your child’s life.



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