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Meet The Author

It is by the Grace and Blessing of the Almighty God that the writing of this book has reached its stage of completion. I bow my head for the mercy.

Evaluation Process in schools can be viewed as a partnership between the pupil, the teachers, the curriculum and the classroom. The teachers who teach mathematics, the pupil learn mathematics, a curriculum, a curriculum framework wherein teaching-learning occurs and place where teaching-learning and all necessary links in the process of mathematics learning, the evaluation process has its distinct and vital role in teaching-learning process. The present book is written around the practices of evaluation process and mathematics learning at elementary level.

There are quite a number of renowned books not only the general fields of assessment but also on specific aspects of evaluation process. The present book is a humble effort to eradicate weakness which has been realised by both teacher educators, teachers, teacher trainees and research scholar from time to time in evaluation process specially in mathematics classroom. The content of book the book is presented sequentially, in simplest possible language.

At the very onset, the author is indebted to all eminent writers, thinkers, educationist and publishers whose works have been consulted and incorporated in the making of this book. They are persons who floated the original ideas and helped to get it a better take-off, without whom the present piece of work could not have been completed successfully. I feel short words to express my deep sense of gratitude and thanks to the earlier, educationists and publishers, who have shaped and moulded my thought in the completion of this work.

The present book is an attempt to learn about the practices of the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation System at Elementary Level School together with its impact on Mathematics Learning. It will be helpful not only the teacher trainees but also to the teachers working at elementary level, involved in the evaluation process, researcher, teacher educators and other stakeholders of the education.

The author expects that the pupil-teachers, teacher educators, teachers of elementary school, person involved in evaluation process and different stakeholders of education will welcome and appreciate this book as it covers all the topics of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation in Mathematics classroom, which will certainly be beneficial to them. Comments and suggestions of recipients for further improvement of the book will be gratefully accepted.


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