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“Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for effective citizenship as the ability to read and write”. Statistics which was once regarded merely as science of statecraft has found wide application in almost all sciences-natural, physical, social. Use of statistics has now spread to such diverse fields as agriculture, business, economics, medicine, political science, psychology and sociology. As such, it has been included in the curriculum of many professional and academic courses.

The purpose of this book is to present in a simple, clear, systematic and comprehensive manner principles, methods and techniques of statistics in various discipline. This book is specially designed for M.B.A, B.B.A and B.C.A students. A conscious effort has been made to keep the treatment of the subject matter simple in style. For the systematic coverage of the course, the book is divided into 12 chapters, including sample question papers and last year question papers.
Each chapter provides a step wise development of the subject matter under reference. A large number of solved numerical examples are given to illustrate the implications of theory. Each chapter end with so many unsolved numerical which are useful for practice.

With these feature in view, I am sure that the book will be found useful by the students for whom it is primarily written.

While every effort has been made to avoid printing and other mistakes, some might have crept in. The author would be grateful to the readers for pointing out the same and for sending their valued suggestion for further improvement in this book.



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