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Meet The Author

“When you’re right, nobody remembers. When you’re wrong, nobody forgets.”
– Muhammad Ali

The practice of clinical toxicology is tough. We work in a busy emergency department, where critical decisions need to be made with imperfect, incomplete information. Hence, it is room for lot errors and bounce back can happen, but this book highlights ways in which we can try to prevent them and ultimately improve patient care and safety. Our focus will be to address the immediate life-threatening problems in a quick and efficient way and not to waste valuable time in reaching a final diagnosis.

In this book, we employ a fresh approach, each case study is designed to stimulate a thought process, especially for busy practitioner, to formulate a diagnosis and a quick treatment plan accordingly putting the reader in the footsteps of the clinician as the patient deteriorates. The case reports pause at important decision points as probable management strategies are considered in a literature-based fashion, followed by a revelation of the path chosen by the actual physician and the subsequent patient outcome. Clinical Pearls and Pitfalls are provided to keep the importance in mind of missing a diagnosis as well as the legal implications that would follow.

We believe this book is treasured and an enjoyable read compared to the regular textbook and at the same time gives necessary information and up-to-date knowledge for the care of critically ill poison patients.

If we can save a single life with this book, the purpose of this book will be fulfilled.

Buckle up for the ride!


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