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Meet The Author

Oral Implantology is a complex field and it cannot be underestimated. Its not just implant and a crown anymore. One must evaluate the patient as a whole. A thorough case history, medical examination, his oral examination and overall behavioral analysis must be done prior to implant installation. Its more about prosthetically driving, or envisioning the rehabilitation beforehand and planning the treatment accordingly.

There is no `all for one` treatment protocol, it is a `one for one ` treatment protocol wherein the planning will be uniquely tailored to provide the best possible outcome. Interventions thus can be modified as per patient, operator and material dependent factors.

In the older case scenarios, we would adjust the implant as per the residual bony architecture, whereas now we modify the bone to accept the modified implant and prosthesis. It is in fact become a symbiotic relationship between the Native and the extraneous, the natural and the artificial and the Old and new.

It is imperative for an implantologist to know the basics of implant dentistry, the behavior of bone healing, evolution of newer materials and techniques. And this book aims at just that.

It features a visual perusal of some of the common procedures handled as an implant surgeon. We have incorporated a vast array of clinical photographs of the cases conducted routinely at the Department of Oral Implantology, AB Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences, Nitte deemed to be University and have been documenting it since 2015.

No learning is complete without true discernible knowledge; thus the chapters provides evidence based content that would guarantee a scientific breadth of view of the implant procedures.

None the less, the makers of the book have faced several challenges involved in the treatment plan as there is no standardized single treatment plan for all patients and oral implant science is the most dynamically advancing field in Dentistry and plans are bound to change in the future. On that note I present you this humble work to all my aspiring Implantologists.


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