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Meet The Author

Cell Biology for Integrated Biology is an introductory textbook aimed at making our favourite subject your favourite too. Our intention is to assist Integrated MSc Biology students in comprehending the subject with ease and preparing effectively for their University Examinations. This book has been meticulously tailored to align with the syllabus of the Integrated Biology program at MES Mampad College (Autonomous) Malappuram and other Indian Universities. The content is presented in a simple and lucid language, enhanced by illustrated diagrams. We believe that this textbook, in its current form, will effectively cater to the interests of the students. It is not only intended for Integrated Biology students but also for any undergraduate student studying cell biology.
The author would like to express deep gratitude to Dr. O.P. Abdurahiman, Management Committee Secretary and former professor of Zoology at MES Mampad College (Autonomous) Malappuram, for his encouraging support. Special thanks are extended to Dr. Manzur Ali P.P, Principal of MES Mampad College (Autonomous) Malappuram, for his invaluable backing and
A profound debt of gratitude is owed to Dr. Muhammed Abdul Rafeeq KU, Assistant Professor and Research Supervisor at the Department of Life Sciences, MES Mampad College (Autonomous) Malappuram. It is under his scholastic guidance that this book has been conceptualized.
The author is pleased to acknowledge the contributions of Dr. Haseena Beegum,Dr. Sameena Kalathodi, and Dr Shahida K T from MES Mampad College (Autonomous) Malappuram, who have offered sincere encouragement and valuable suggestions in the process of publishing this book.
Numerous journals, textbooks, and online resources, including those from Google, have significantly enriched and informed the author’s understanding. These sources have played a pivotal role in shaping the insights presented in this publication. The author is profoundly grateful for their wealth of knowledge and information.
Healthy criticisms and constructive suggestions for the enhancement of this book are welcomed


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