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Biotechnology is now a day’s gaining in importance in the modern world and is
often quoted as the next big thing after information technology, owing to its
benefits to human welfare. Biotechnology is use of modern biological
knowledge of modern technology. It is highly multidisciplinary including plant,
animal and microorganisms, since it has its foundations in many disciplines,
including applied biology, microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology,
genetics, chemistry and chemical and process engineering. It may also be
viewed as a series of enabling technologies that involve the practical application
of organisms.
Biotechnology is an established discipline that covers a wide area of subjects,
ranging from the basic aspects such as microbial ecology, biology, physiology,
diversity etc., and applied aspects such as plant protection, humane health etc.
This book is a collection of excellent reviews and researches contributed by
experts in the field of Biotechnology and allied sciences also chapters provides
the latest advances in the most challenging research topics. The book includes
22 chapters, in different topics, including, antimicrobials, human pathogens,
bacterial genomics, and computational approaches to biotechnology,
bioremediation, and plant microbe interactions prepared by eminent scholars in
their field. With its focus on wide range area of the beneficial and detrimental
importance of microorganisms, it provides a vital assessment of the current state
of knowledge on the importance and significance Biotechnological applications
of the for human health, plant conservation and environmental protection. It is
evident that the biotechnology professionals will find in this book a summation
of knowledge that has not been previously assembled. Recent developments and
ideas given by the experts in the various aspects of environmental bio-
technology have been discussed, to make this book more suitable for the
students of B.Sc and M.Sc as well as reference book for Ph.D. students.
We sincerely thank to Prof. N. Nagaraju, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of
Gangadhar Meher University for his constant support and encouragement at all


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