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This book is intended to provide insight into the realms of the clinical aspects of “Biomarkers in Dentistry” to the students entering dental clinics.

The term, biomarker, refers to measurable and quantifiable biological parameters than can serve as indicators for health and physiology-related assessments, such as pathogenic processes, environmental exposure, disease diagnosis and prognosis or pharmacologic responses to a therapeutic intervention. It is widely applied as biomarkers in the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular disease, infections, immunological and genetic disorders, and cancer are well known. Biomarker brings the future things in our hand by helping in early diagnosis, disease prevention, drug target identification, drug response etc. This book intends to discuss evolution of Biomarkers, and their clinical and technical aspects and applications in a very simplified manner.

This book will help students in understanding the evolution of Biomarkers, their forms, classifications, their clinical and technical aspects and applications .This book also serves as a ready-reckoner for private dental practioners, undergraduate and post graduate student of dentistry.



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