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The world of banking and finance is changing very fast and banks are leveraging knowledge and technology in offering newer services to the customers. Banks and technology are evolving so rapidly that bank staff must continually seek new skills that enable them not only to respond to change, but also to build competence in handling various queries raised by customers. Therefore, there is a need for today’s bank employees to keep themselves updated with a new set of skills and knowledge.

As there is a growing demand for qualified manpower in the banking sector with accent on banking knowledge and skills, together with technology-familiarity, customer-orientation and hands-on application skills – which will substantially reduce the training intervention at the bank level.

This book, the courseware for the graduating students, provides the basic knowledge necessary to understand the digital tools and techniques with special focus on emerging trends of banks, and apply these skills to aid decision making while working. This would help the students to understand the various steps involved even in a computerized banking system since the mechanization is based on the basic principles only.



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