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Meet The Author

The introduction of this book “An Introduction to Data Mining” is so that to impart the fundamental concepts which are necessary to learn the basics and fundamental concepts of data science.

This book provides complete and updated coverage of knowledge from basics to advanced conceptual level with appropriate examples. The students will get an acceptable platform to train and equip themselves with the skills of related to data science programming. Each section of this book is followed by suitable examples to cater the need of students and other professional users.

This book begins from the introductory part of data mining like history, need and characteristics, data etc. Further in this book knowledge is provided related to applications, objectives, advantages and disadvantages etc. of data science from scratch up to the advanced level. To understand each and every topic of the book, a well-defined and accumulated program is followed by every section.

This book is written strictly as per the need and requirements of data science and other related professional lovers by judging the difficulties and problems faced by them.

I firmly believe that there is always scope for improvement and accordingly I shall look forward to receive suggestions for further enriching the quality of this text book. In spite of lot of efforts, various errors might have been here in the text. So as a writer I welcome errors/suggestions for this book on email:


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