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Energy is one of the key factors to determine not only the economic activities but also leads the human welfare of the society. The development of any nation in the world is largely depends upon the utilization of its energy. The variety of the activities and vibrant economy is decided by the energy and also contributing the economic growth of the nation. The amazing growth of population is required variety of the economic activates to be carried out and to the cater to need of the people for their prosperity. Hence, the energy is an indication for the overall development of the human society. The science and technology is growing very fast and helping to improve the economy though the utilization of the energy and determined the quality of the life and the livelihood of the people in any geographical space in the world.

Renewable Energy is provides national energy security at a time when decreasing global reserves of fossil fuels threatens the long-term sustainability. Renewable energy sources have a key role to play in solving the world energy problems. Renewable energy is an outcome from the nature that are frequently replenished from wind, sun, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat.

Wind is the safest and most abundant renewable source of energy in nature which is treated as clean energy. It is a sustainable source of energy and is a dominant in all the activities of the human beings which is an alternative to fossil, renewable, clean and widely distributed in specific locational characteristics of the geographical area and to generate the energy with acquiring little space and no greenhouse gas emission or waste products, pollution free and eco-friendly source of energy. Hence, the book title Wind Energy: A Clean and Renewable is an outcome from the investigation.



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