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Meet The Author

This book contains poems written by me. I like to wander on my bike on the borders of Orissa and West Bengal. I love to see the scintillating beauties of The Bay of Bengal, The Subarnarekha river, the estuaries, logoons, the fields, brooks, marshy lands, woods, hills, springs, flock of wandering birds, crabs, fishes, temples, masques and etc. I call the border area as the “Beng-Ori Land”. This place is located on Balasore district of Orissa state and East and West Medinipur of West Bengal in my motherland. I frequently visit this area which attracts my inner being. I have profound enthusiasm to know the actual conditions of the border people during the pandemic times. I have deeply inspired by their cultural habits, religious trends, economic disparities, and corrupt politics.

The poems are based on my real experiences gained while visiting the land. My experiences, imaginations, hopes are mingled in the poems. The poems are written in the pandemic times and when I have been greatly suffering from the agitations in my personal life.


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