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Horticulture has now become a lifeline for a major fraction of the global population. Even in India, it is emerging as a new field of study and considerably leads to economic development. Horticulture has various branches, but the most important are fruit cultivation (Pomology), vegetable cultivation (Olericulture), and flower cultivation (Floriculture).

Horticultural crops, which are ideal for attaining smallholding sustainability, boosting employment, enhancing the environment, providing a huge export potential, and, above all, ensuring nutritional security, are ideally adapted for India’s terrain and agro climates. Many people nowadays buy a wide range of somewhat expensive goods, including off-season products, exotic fruits and vegetables, and organic stuff. Horticultural produce demand is predicted to expand even further, driven by affluent urban customers in developing nations as well as consumers in industrialized ones.

Considering the importance of horticulture, a basic course of horticulture is available both in school and college curriculum. This will help the students with the new areas in horticulture and development of skills in different areas of horticulture. Students may consider pursuing a career in the field of horticulture in the future and developing themselves as professional horticulturists. Every attempt was made to make the description as point-by-point as possible. I believe that this book will be beneficial to both instructors and students. There has been a lot of thought put into avoiding mistakes.

The authors express the deep sense of appreciation to their family for encouraging them to provide a kind of book required for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, authors owe gratitude to everyone who have supported in giving the current form to the book. Last but not least, the authors are extremely grateful to our publisher for their assistance, guidance, and cooperation in publishing this book. The authors will always welcome comments and suggestions to improve the caliber of this work even higher.


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