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This book serves as a broad introduction, not just for nutrition students, but also for students of disciplines such as nursing, pharmacy, food science and agriculture. And focused on its growing importance, taking into account the real potential to reduce the burden on noncommunicable chronic disease through diet. The Nutrition Society has championed the development of recognition of public health nutrition as a specialized discipline in the field, complementing the established specialty of clinical nutrition where the target audience is an individual patient on a one to-one basis. In the case of public health nutrition, the target audience is the population as a whole or specific subpopulations. The textbook is structured to begin with an overview taking students through a cycle of procedures, which should ideally be a feature of any program of public health nutrition. The chapters of the book describes the skills needed in public health nutrition and major public health nutrition problems In some chapters, the public health nutrition element is accompanied by relevant material, which will help students appreciate the links between all elements of nutrition and benefits them as public health nutrition is one of the trendiest domain and been included as a special paper under the New Education Policy for all the food and Nutrition Programme. The overall goal of this text is to support the missions of various outstanding organizations devoted to the growing field of public health nutrition to promote optimal health and well-being of communities and populations through nutrition-related services, program planning, interventions, and policy, environmental, and systems change.

Some commonalities of the missions of these organizations include the following:

  • To provide advanced training in nutrition and public health to develop in-depth knowledge of the latest nutrition-related evidence base, competencies and skills related to the core public health functions, and essential services of public health and public health nutrition.
  • To strengthen nutrition policy, programs, and environments for all people through the development of collaborative inter professional advocacy of practitioners nationwide and globally.
  • To build workforce capacity over the next several decades to meet the desperate need for public health nutrition professionals and practitioners to address the social determinants of health and serve growing population needs in rural, urban, and global settings.




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