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Meet The Author

The main Idea behind the conception of this book was to help my fellow clinical dietitians in their OPD practices because it usually happens that clients have many queries and many a times conversions are required. It is not possible every time for everyone to carry so many books or find out the solution at a glance. Compiling information about indicators of malnutrition, diseases, and medical nutrition therapy is essential for providing accurate and timely information to Clinical dietitians. By having this compiled information readily available, Clinical dietitian can make informed decisions on how to best treat their patients. Furthermore, this compilation of data can help in disease prevention and management strategies. Ultimately, having access to this book could potentially save lives by helping Clinical dietitians to make more précised decisions when treating their patients This book provides a comprehensive overview of the Exchange list, formsulas and assessment tools which can be used to incorporate best clinical practices guidelines. It includes step by step instructions on how to make use of these tools in order to improve efficiency and accuracy in decision making. Finally, it offers some useful insights into how these Exchange list, formulas and assessment tools can be applied in different contexts, allowing readers to gain a greater understanding of their diagnosis. So, this handbook which comprises of nutritive values of various Indian foods recipes, glycemic index of Indian foods, glycemic load of Indian foods, EAR, Conversion formulae will definitely help my fellow dietitians to make their practice more efficient and more accurate. These data as have been collected and compiled after several hours of hard work and after discovering their authentic sources like IFCT composition table 2017 Nutrient Requirements for Indians-A report of expert group,2020 and many such authentic and validated sources. We have also Tried to bring forth compilation of various conversion formulas which are required during the assessment, be it dietary assessment or clinical assessment to make our job easy.

So, this book is result of arduous efforts of my fellow writers so as to make your work easy. Hope this book really serve the purpose of ready reckoner for you and proves to be an effective tool in your clinical practices in nutrition care for benefits of patients.


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