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The development and the dispersion of various handheld systems, directly connected to recent communication technologies, move people towards the era of mobile communication. The importance of Mobile Computing and its usefulness is well known in various engineering fields now a day. Falling cost of both communication and mobile computing devices (laptop computers, hand-held computers, etc.), Also “Anywhere and everywhere “access of the mobile is making wireless computing affordable to both business users and private consumers.

This book includes chapters that describe the key aspects and the concepts of mobile computing systems, and the book describes applications that are currently being deployed and tested. Mobile Computing is a valuable reference book that may also be used as a guide for a course on the subject. Even though mobile computing is still in its ever growing phase, few basic concepts have been identified and several seminal experimental systems had been developed for the students to have strong fundamental idea in the domain.

This book delivers logical way of delivering various complicated concepts and step by step methods to explain the important concepts. Each chapter is highly supported with necessary illustrations, practical examples and solved problems. All the chapters in the book are arranged in a exact sequence that makes each topic to build upon earlier studies. Atmostcare has been taken to make the students to have easy understanding of the basic concepts of the subject. Let’s have a happy Technical Safari……



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