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Meet The Author

This book is specially designed for physiotherapists and physiotherapy students, who are preparing for their university exams or other entrance exams for different posts. This book will help the reader to explore some new areas of physiotherapy which was never taken into consideration. We think this book will be useful for each student who wishes to upgrade the knowledge he has about physiotherapy. The questions are of interest to different emerging domains of physiotherapy.

We believe there is a need for a straightforward, systematic, and comprehensive MCQ book on physiotherapy because there wasn’t much-compiled material available when we were a student. By providing this book we are meeting this demand for physiotherapy students. Due to the current situation of holding entrance tests of various universities and entrance examinations of government as well as private university exam patterns in India, the demand for such a book has increased.

This book has been specially compiled to help prepare students for various competitive examinations and to brush their knowledge of physiotherapy and its different branches. We have tried to include all the emerging fields of physiotherapy in this book and it was a work of dedication and hard work that we have been able to complete this book.

This book was inspired by the goal to make the practical and clinical components of evaluation in physiotherapy more understandable, particularly for clinical therapists working in the clinical setting and undergraduate and postgraduate physiotherapy students. Several national and international books have recommended this book to achieve several goals. One of the main goals is to identify the many assessment types that are frequently used in the health sector, which will help with the selection and usage of various assessment types in the field of physiotherapy.

Further, this book can be improved by the feedback of the reader. We hope our efforts of making this book will be fulfilled and you will get some benefit after reading it. We have put so much hard work to create this book. In case of any queries, feel free to write to us. We hope this book will help you in your journey of becoming a great Physiotherapist.


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