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Meet The Author

This book of multiple choice Questions has been compiled by taking into account the requirement of Under Graduate students of computer science and Engineering imparting  computer  education in our Country. It contains multiple choice Questions, that are carefully selected from the core subjects included in the curriculum of the major Universities.

A multipurpose book of this kind would not only serve the purpose of students appearing for various competitive examinations The question are grouped subjected-wise, keeping in view the needs of individuals with     various levels of expertise are background in computers.

This book is ideal for students preparing for a GRE test in computer science as well as GATE and other similar Exams. It is equally useful for students seeking placement in reputed firms as a good number of Questions from the screening tests conducted by these organizations are included in the text.

The book is divided into Five Parts deal with fundamentals of computer science, which is notable for the power and freedom offered to the users. The First part deals with the programming language, C, C++, Kernighan and Ritche have    made the language accessible to all by Best Low –level features in an Otherwise, high-Level Language.

Hence a large number of Questions in these parts are devoted to make readers aware of the potential problems incurred while taking C. The Second part deals with Data Structures a variety of problems based on the  principles of.

The Third part deals with Programming with Java a powerful combination mode popular due to the simple  and easy- to- understand structures. The fourth part (contains) Software Engineering and Web technologies with this. This fifth chapter wells on the Questions relating to the Computer Organization

The process of analysis and organized reasoning is vital to programming. I believe that the questions included in this book will sharpen the logical thinking and reasoning of the readers, which would help them a great deal in mastering the art of programming. Every effort has been made to make the book simple and error-free.

I welcome any constructive criticism of the book and will be grateful for any honest appraisal from the readers. This book contains Questions that are grouped Language –wise. All the core areas of computer science that appear in a typical.Curriculum is covered with sufficient width and depth.

This book serves as an efficient tool for students of computer science admission to a master’s program in Computer science through Examination like GATE and GRE (Computer Science). To Asses yours competence and effort level on the core Languages of Computer Science. To do well in the technical tests conducted by some companies for recruitment Every Effort has been made to make this book error- free.


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