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Business to Business (B2B) Marketing is the relationships, systems and communications is an academic textbook written largely from a marketing management perspective. Unlike other books presented in this subject area, this book attempts to consider the subject through two primary themes. The first theme concerns the organisation’s inter-organisational relationships to deliver their business and marketing goals. The second main theme reflects the increasing impact of environmental aspects of B2B marketing on organisational performance. Much of contemporary business-to-business marketing is influenced by the application of technologies. This book provides readers with a basic understanding of the B2B marketing concepts. In addition, throughout the book, there are examples of how organisations apply marketing aspects to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their various B2B marketing activities. This book reflects the integration of relationships that characterize contemporary B2B marketing practice. With increasing focus now on B2B, this book seeks to integrate ideas about inter-organisational relationships and the use of advance marketing activities.

Apart from considering the nature and characteristics of B2B communications, this book provides an important, though often neglected, bridge between marketing and association management concepts within inter-organisational relationships. The application of B2b marketing is explored in some depth so that readers may better understand its role in B2B marketing.The book in Indian context. However, some examples are drawn from other world regions to reflect good practise and the wider global perspective. This is an applied book because the theory and concepts of business marketing are interpreted in the light of business practice. This is an important structural feature of the book with each chapter containing several relatively brief examples of business practice that demonstrate marketing theory in action. A range of organisations are used to illustrate practice, from the large multi-national blue-chiporganisations to small and medium-sized companies with relatively scarce resources, and from the commercial and private companies to the not-for-profit and public sector organisations. This book is helpful resource for students, teachers and practitioners for Business to Business marketing





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