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The purpose of compiling the book entitled Laboratory Animals secrets is to provide basic knowledge about various laboratory animals to learners, students and other personals affiliated with the animal experimentation. This book carry hands on information about laboratory animal housing, transportation, disease control, feeding, vital parameters and overall management. The literature in the book is presented in such a way that is easily understood and accessible to readers. The motive of the book is to give practitioners and researchers a concise and clearly arranged ideas on techniques employed in the most usual types and procedures of laboratory animals. The technical staff and doctors who are occasionally involved in indulging in these forms of practices and procedures may easily forget the details, for them this book is intended to serve as “memory” and in constructing this memory I have tried to follow the advice of an old Chinese proverb which asserts that a picture says more than a thousand words. This book especially on account of its explanations and numerous illustrations should prove of considerable assistance to the medical/ veterinary post graduate students who are learning the techniques on laboratory and experimental animals. Consequently this book, apart from other matters explains in detail development of comprehensive animal care, application of performance standards, and besides would assist investigators in fulfilling their obligation to plan and conduct animal experimentation in accordance with highest collaborated scientific, humane and ethical protocol. The recommendation made herein have roots from scientific principals, published research, and experiences gained while hands on training. The proper procedures, standards, organizational structure, facilities, and practices and correct methodologies put into place by an institution, students, organisation and other offices dealing with laboratory animals to achieve humane care in animal experimentation and animal testing is an overall goal of this book.


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