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Meet The Author

The present work is done during my post graduation at Rahuri Ayurveda College and an attempt to put before the medical world the great study and observations of the great Indian scientists of Ayurveda. The study of Ayurveda compelled me to think about the work of great ‘Sushruta’ the father of surgery who proved his ability in many ways in describing the various aspects of human body.

Marma the study of Ancient Science of Ayurveda under the guidance of experienced teachers shall dispersed all the confusions and controversy about Ayurveda.

Marma is a part of knowledge which attracted me during my internship in Civil Hospital, I have seen many patients of poly-trauma due to RTA or assault. Such patients have injuries to various part of the body, though there is a major injury with primary suffering, pressure bandage or immobilization patient get settled or serious. But in certain cases the injuries were vary minor though patient got disability in their later life or even patient died.

In this condition we find that though internal organs are punctured, bones are broken, other part of the body cut by sharp weapon patients do not because their fatal spots (Marma Stana) are not injured.

But in minor polytrama patients with the involvement of vital spots/fatal spots injury patients dies or get permanent disability.

After admission  for post graduation in Shalyatantra (Surgery) I discussed with my guide about my experience, I decided to work on Marma of Adhoshakha (lower limb). I could find that the prognosis of the injury to the marmas of lower limb, comes true in the era also. Hence I have explained the anatomical strctures found in the area of marmas which are present in lower limb and I have tried to shows how the prognosis stated by great people of Ayurveda can be true as per modern anatomy. This work explain the same.

So my guide Dr. Jayant Kulkarni Sir advice me to study on Marma of Adhoshakha i.e. lower limb and try to design the protocol for examination and first aid by which we can save life or reduced morbidity or Vaikalyakar marma can be reduced to Rujakar marma


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