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Sudden spurting of Corona virus disease (COVID-19) has put the whole healthcare system on high alert. Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) has eased the situation to a great extent, also COVID-19 has motivated scientists to make new ‘Smart’ healthcare system focusing towards early diagnosis, prevention of spread, education and treatment and facilitate living in the new normal. This book aims to identify the role of IoMT applications in improving healthcare system and to analyze the status of research demonstrating effectiveness of IoMT benefits to the patient and healthcare system along with a brief insight into technologies supplementing IoMT and challenges faced in developing a smart healthcare system.

The habituation of IoMT and related technology has resolved several difficulties using remote monitoring, telemedicine, robotics, sensors etc. However mass adoption seems challenging due to factors like privacy and security of data, management of large amount of data, scalability and upgradation etc. Although ample knowledge has been compiled and exchanged, this book will help the healthcare practitioners, policymakers/decision makers, scientists and researchers to gauge the applicability of IoMT in healthcare more efficiently.
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