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Two Words of thanks from writer

Holi and empowerment of women in India is my first poetry collection of 49 poems in English. Today in our society women are laid aside and exploited. They are afflicted from injustice, atrocities and crimes. so, if society is to be seen beautiful then women are to be provided the atmosphere free of atrocities, injustice and crimes to go ahead. Our effort must be of providing justice and education to them. In this collection of Holi and empowerment of women in India these subjects are put in center point. These my poems are written in different time duration and are expressed in accordance of experience and feeling from 1984 to update as per my angle of vision and thinking. I was in Malwa area of Madhyapradesh in between 1989 to 1992 and saw that what was the status of prostitution in the society of the area, is expressed in my poem “Rose in Dark”. In this poem light and dark part of society is underlined. Poems are created through small events in our life like – one day while driving of car, hand fingers of a child sitting in the back seat were clanged with door and he was in cry. During this moment I felt the pain of a fetus residing in mother that what would have been the condition of a child as and when she is murdered in fetus because she is dumb and deaf at there. As children are of very innocent nature and they have no greed but always interested to fulfil their natural wishes. One day I found my 03 years daughter was sulked for a balloon in a fair. I tried to make her agreed by offering a big greed but did not succeed. Then I asked her if you get God then what will you ask from him. Her answer was “toffee”.

It was wonderful and full of joy for me. The world of children is full of beautifulness and happiness and answer of toffee inspired me to write a poem “there is infinite volume of pleasure in toffee of 50 paise”. Similarly while living in Bhilai I saw “A beautiful girl is selling eggs door to door riding on bicycle for supporting her parent. “This of her effort inspired me to write a poem “her effort is more beautiful”. In this collection of my poems some are based on Holi festival. Surely Holi is a festival of joy and happiness and it energies to me because in this festival children’s excitement is lovely. Either it is village or city every where young and old too participate in this festival with joy and excitement. With the tag line of Holi “Be in joy -celebrate in City the Fagun festival of Holi “In my poem I experience it is raining joy and happiness and we are celebrating it. Like these –whatever we see in nearby of our society, objects and persons are appearing in words in my poems; from them only as and when we decorate them in poem’s collection it combines our natural inclination. And we dedicate them in memory of our beloved persons. So, I dedicate this of my poem’s collection to my late lovely mother Ramkali, of whom only very less memories I remember. It was my bad luck that my mother’s love was departed in my very child age. So I dedicate this book in memory of my mother’s love and affection for whatever I experienced and got from her .I pray to God that my these feeling may reach to her. Mother’s sister i.e. mausi is another form of mother. My respected Mausi Babiya of whom love and affection I got, she is also not in this physical world between us – I like to dedicate, the flowers of respect to her.

My dear grandfather late shri RamDayal Nanaji ,my grandmother late Sukhmanti Naniji, my father late shri Sitaram and my elder brother late shri Shivnarayan ,who are not in this physical world between us but their sweet memories are existing. We remember them in our memories and wish to get always their blessing in nonvisible form. My friends, respected teachers, elders, brothers, co-operative persons, small children and persons all around us whose direct or indirect inspiration for writing I experienced and got, I am highly obliged and I say thanks to all of them. These creations in the form of poems are a matter of self joy and happiness for me through these we express our feelings and thoughts .And our effort is continue to create positivity in the society to shape in beautiful form. Readers in whose hands, this poem collection passes, they are requested to feedback me either through my email or other options, then it will be a great pleasure to me and I would be highly obliged to them.


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